Polivalent Hall Žatika

Address: 52440, Žatika Sports Hall, Poreč, Croatia

The hall is open from 7.00 am until the end of the competition.

An area of 14,000 m2, which can accommodate 3700 spectators for sporting events.

The hall structure is positioned to follow the natural slope of the terrain. Longer and lower facade, fully glazed, the hall is oriented to the north, and the sides full to the east and west respectively. In the southern part it is laid parallel to the Žatika bypass.

In addition to the main large hall, there is a small hall measuring 213 square meters, and a fitness hall of 86 square meters, on the same level as the main playgrounds. In addition to the main and supporting facilities in the multipurpose hall, there are additional spaces for catering and club needs, as well as a number of occasional and flexible (de)assembly spaces for events and fairs.