DECEMBER 31st 2019

Imagine how many various cultural, sports and other events are held every day, every weekend, every month. Millions of people visit them, after which there remain mountains and mountains of garbage. And hardly anyone thinks about how to reduce the amount of garbage and tries to protect our environment in a profound way.

Our aim is to organise the largest sporting event for younger fencers in European fencing in 2020 with a minimum amount of garbage and minimal impact to the environment.

For example, we will arrange drinking water for free in the hall so that you use less plastic containers. We will use only eco-friendly packaging to award winners. We will not spend extra paper, because you can track all the information you are interested in on the Internet site.


About Mosaic of life​

DATE: November 12th 2019

The motto is the result of linking the location of the event and the sport itself, exploring the history of the city of Poreč and Istria, and the character of fencing sport and its visuality.

The city of Poreč is a world-famous and recognised guardian of cultural heritage – the most preserved European mosaics of the Roman/Byzantine period, and one of the most famous mosaics is that of Bishop Euphrasius from the period of Emperor Justinian (6th cent.), who occupies a central position on the vault of the basilica – the largest cultural and historical wealth in the region. That is why the city of Poreč is known as the “mosaic city”. The mosaic of life is a syntagm of a wealth of experience that is constantly enlarged through time, of fragments that only with unification create and shape the image and action of our existence.

The mosaic shows us the flow of life in small paintings, just as fencing happens in rapid movements. Replenishing itself continuously with new arriving generations, it remains always fresh and unpredictable. We believe that under this motto we can unite all the expectations, both of competitors and delegations, and of our visitors, partners and members of the organisation at all levels.

MOSAIC OF LIFE will be our trademark and will adorn all activities related to the European Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships in 2020!

Join us in becoming part of the Mosaic of Life!