The Istrian coast is the closest part of the warm Mediterranean Sea in the heart of Europe. The Mediterranean climate from the coast towards the inner part of Istria changes. Mild and pleasant winters are indeed short compared to the warm and dry summers with approximately 2400 sun hours.

The way Poreč looks like today had been constructed by Romans 2.000 years ago, after they defeated the local tribes of Histrions. The city was in the beginning a fortified camp, then a fortified town, only to grow into an important administrative and commercial center, called Colonia Iulia Parentium. For 500 years from 1267 onwards, Poreč is controlled by the Venetians, after whom the most beautiful palaces in the city remain. In 1363 the Municipal Statute is written, and from the 15th century the specific, at that time modern, and until today well preserved eastern (land) towers and walls are constructed.

The most important cultural monument was left from the Byzantine time – Euphrasius Basilica with the Bishopery from the 6th century. From 1861 Poreč is the capital city of Istria and the seat of the Istrian Parliament. From 1920 to 1943 the city is governed by Italy, and after 1943 together with the remaining part of Istria, Poreč becomes part of Croatia.

Today Poreč has almost 17.000 inhabitants and due to its unique geographical position, together with natural and cultural beauties, is one of strongest tourist centres of Croatia. The basic commercial sector is tourism, which is in connection with commerce, construction and agriculture.

Poreč is connected by bus with many major cities of Croatia, as well as with some cities in Italy and Slovenia.

Croatia has its own currency – Croatian Kuna. You can exchange money at exchange offices or withdraw from a bank card at ATMs. A generally approximate exchange rate is about 7,4 Kuna to 1 Euro.

The average daily air temperature in February is 10 degrees Celsius, and in March 13 degrees.

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Airport Pula (PUY), Croatia, 52 km from Poreč

Airport Franjo Tuđman (ZAG), Zagreb, Croatia, 264 km from Poreč

Airporto Ronchi dei Legionari (TRS), Friulia Venezia Giulia, Trieste, Italy, 112 km from Poreč

Marco Polo Airport (VCE), Venice, Italy, 220 km from Poreč

Brnik Airport (LJU), Ljubljana, Slovenia, 190 km from Poreč


Highway A9 Istarski ipsilon, Exit 5 – Baderna, at the entrance to Poreč from the direction of Pazin