February 21st - March 2nd

09:00 – 19:00 Accreditation
09:00 – 19:00 Equipment control

February 22nd

09:00 Cadet Men’s epee ind.
13:00 Cadet Women’s sabre individual

February 23rd

09:00 Cadet Men’s foil ind.
13:00 Cadet Women’s epee ind.

February 24th

09:00 Cadet Women’s foil ind.
13:00 Cadet Men’s sabre ind.

February 25th

09:00 Cadet Men’s epee team
09:00 Cadet Men’s foil teams
12:00 Cadet Women’s sabre teams

February 26th

09:00 Cadet Women’s epee teams
09:00 Cadet Women’s foil teams
12:00 Cadet Men’s sabre teams

February 27th

09:00 Junior Men’s epee ind.
13:00 Junior Women’s sabre ind.

February 28th

09:00 Junior Men’s foil ind.
13:00 Junior Women’s epee ind.

February 29th

09:00 Junior Women’s foil ind.
13:00 Junior Men’s sabre ind.

March 1st

09:00 Junior Men’s epee teams
09:00 Junior Men’s foil teams
12:00 Junior Women’s sabre teams

March 2nd

09:00 Junior Women’s epee teams
09:00 Junior Women’s foil teams
12:00 Junior Men’s sabre teams


A detailed schedule will be published every day for the following day by 16:00 on the Schedule page.